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Date:Sun Sep 19 22:47:00 UTC 2021

First post

     Hi everyone it looks like the site is up and running. So much is happening at once and there is a lot going on!! Presently Grace is in the shipyard having work done but hopefully next week we will be moving on board and preparing for our cruise south. The plan at the present time is to stay in the intercoastal to Oriental. We are planning on doing more winter maintenance there before continuing on to the Keys.
See you next on the water!
Grace Haulout 1
Grace Haulout 1
Grace Haulout 2
Grace Haulout 2
Grace Haulout 3
Grace Haulout 3

Date:Wed Sep 28 17:29:00 UTC 2021

Second Post

     Well we made it to Maryland and are on the boat at Gibson Island, MD. We are taking pictures which we will post soon. Yesterday was Stephen's Birthday and also our first night on the boat. Everything is a mess and we are trying to get everything ready for the trip south. We will be staying for a few days here in Maryland, but moving the boat to a private dock in Pasadena. We hope to do that this afternoon or evening. Of course there's a 50% chance of thunderstorms this evening so we're off to a typical start for us. Sam is with us and is in the aft cabin. Hannah and I are in the V berth.
As with any boat there are several things that need to be fixed before we leave and we have to find homes for everything. See, there are two rules that are definately in conflict. 1 save everything and keep spares for everything. 2 It's a small place and if you bring something on the boat then something must leave the boat. So do we store spare boat parts and tools or do we store food. Constant conflict.
This will be our first sail alone from Gibson Island to Pasadena. It's been about 20 years since we sailed so this should be fun. And with a new boat. We really should record this for youtube so everyone can laugh at us but I think the three of us will be a little too busy for that. We'll catch you all later.
Date:Wed Sep 29 03:47:00 UTC 2021

Third Post

     Well we made it to Blackhole creek and are docked. When we were leaving the Ship yard the transmission linkage was out of adjustment and we had to wait a couple hours for it to be fixed. After a lot of fear and nail biting we found out the terrible noises were not a broken transmission. We said our good byes and pulled her out of the slip and started heading for Blackhole creek where we had a dock for a few days to outfit for the trip south. We do have pictures that will be posted but at the moment we are still getting organized. Docking was terrifying. After 20 years of not sailing it actually went pretty well. We circled the dock twice to get the right angle then coasted in and with some yelling and mistakes we got her docked. We will do better each time. Knowing how to do something and doing it are different things! Sam was jumping to the dock. I was steering and Hannah was throwing lines and tying bumpers. After getting our wits about us again Hannah called for an Uber and I went to pick up our car which was left there. We walked for about 20 min through the forest waiting for Uber to arrive. It was a nice walk on shady lane. After returning with the car Hannah made dinner. We had sparkling cider, Chicken soup, crackers, and maple cookies. After dinner Sam and Hannah and I played Gin Rummey for about 2 hours. Hannah won. Her strategy was to get as many points as possible so she picked up the pile often. Melodi called and we chatted on the phone for an hour or so. I'm now in fixit mode... All I see is projects, but we are here and we are still in the honeymoon phase of boat ownership. The new name "Grace" looks beautiful on the transom!
Sailing 1
Grace Sailing 1
Sailing 2
Grace Sailing 2

Date:Wed Sep 30 04:13:00 UTC 2021

Stocking up

     Today was shopping day. We are stocking up for the trip with food and supplies and then of course finding a place to put everything. You have to learn a new boat and where everything is located. Organization is paramount. Hannah spent 1/2 the day just putting things away in every available cubby hole. We went to get our old Italian fire extinguishers re-filled. We will pick them up tomorrow ($18 each). Then I spent the afternoon tapping a new screw into the mast for the tuff track. I still have two more screws to tap. Tapping stainless 1 inch deep is quite the process. It's slow going. And even then I broke 1 tap. But I did get one screw in. Tomorrow I need to buy two more stainless screws and a get a spare tap incase I break another one. Hannah made fried burritos for dinner.