About Grace's Family

     Here's just a little about Wanda, Steve, Hannah, and Sam
Wanda At Sea

     Wanda was born in 1937 on a Dairy farm in Washington and spent most of her life with my father in the Military traveling the world.

Steve and His Pipe on the Stern of Grace
Steve is also Ex Military, retired Medevac pilot but his middle name is LaMar so we should not be supprised than he loves the sea.
Hannah in Key West

     Hannah is from the Pacific NW and her ancestors were ship builders and lighthouse masters so on their first date Hannah and Steve were looking at boats.
Sam at the wheel

     Sam's first kiss was from a little British girl who was also on a boat in the Virgin Islands when he was 4.

     All of them love adventure travel and meeting new people.
On the sea we are free.

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