Ships Log

09/15/23          departed 07:30 from Blackbeards and motored till 12:30
                  docking at Zimmermans in Oriental.
09/08/23	  Arrived at Blackbeards around 1600 and docked!
09/07/23          Arrived Cape fear and continued to Beaufort
09/06/23          Departed Charleston at 06:30 for Cape fear
09/05/23 12:30lcl Departed Church Creek 06:00 arrived Charleston 11:30 and
                  anchored. Engine fuel about 5/8 and water 125Gal
09/04/23 16:00lcl departed Beaufort, SC 06:45 arrived Church creek 15:30
09/03/23 15:30lcl departed Savannah 06:30 arrived 15:30 to Beaufort, SC
09/02/23 15:00lcl departed 06:45 arrived Savannah 15:00
09/01/23 19:41lcl Departed 06:30 and arrived Wapoo Crek at 19:41
                  31 35.63 x 81 12.29 motored all the way.
08/30/23 12:00lcl Hurricane Idalia  brought 55 knots and all is well.
08/28/23 15:17lcl Departed Cumberland Island at 06:45, motored up ICW to
                  Brunswick, GA docking at 15:15 lcl.  Bought a filter and 
                  and bumpers at west marine.
08/27/23 23:53Z   Departed St. Augustine at 06:30 local and motored up
                  the ICW.  13:30 ran aground near marker 47 that is not
                  as charted and backed off.  Delay 30 min to get off the
                  shoal.  Arrived Cumberland Island Georgia at 1900 and
                  anchored.  Tested Centerboard to see if it was damaged
                  during the grounding and broke the drive chain due to
                  a cable getting caught in it. Used the manual giant
                  ratchet to get it back up again.
08/25/23 23:50lcl Anchored at St. Augustine we were very tired
                  after 4 days of 24x7 sailing.  The boat performed
                  wonderfully and many times we just set the sails
                  and turned off the autopilot.
08/24/23 01:55lcl Offshore Rounding Cape Canaveral
                  The pop up storms were one after another
                  and we had to just go through them
                  There were rolling waves off the starboard beam
                  that were very uncomfortable.  
08/23/23 03:57lcl Offshore abeam Jupiter inlet
08/22/23 21:47lcl Offshore abeam West Palm Beach
                  After No Name Harbor we started sailing
                  north.  Winds were ENE at 15G20 with partly cloudy
                  skies.  it was 86deg and 2990
                  We were generally making 5-7 knots under full sail.
08/21/23 20:00lcl Anchored Noname Harbor near Key Biscane
08/20/23 16:00lcl Departed Marathon heading north in Hawk channel
                  By Sombrero reef offshore it was E 25G31 with
                  6-8 feet waves and breakers with 8 sec period
                  we were making about 2 knots motoring so we went
                  back in the hawk inlet and motored up to Rodrigues key
                  and anchored about 6am for 2 hours then departed motoring
                  and motorsailing north in the channel.	 
03/01/23 18:00lcl On a Mooring ball inside Boot Key.  W3
01/15/23 17:00lcl At anchor inside Boot key harbor Marathon.
12/24/22 15:30lcl anchor outside Coconut Grove
12/24/22 13:30lcl Depart Miami Beach motoring down the ICW south
12/22/22 15:26lcl At anchor Miami Beach
12/19/22 03:00lcl Winds 8g10 from the north making 3-4 knots changing plans
                  to stop in Miami.  We won't make Marathon before WX comes
                  in.  We have to stay less than 1 mile from shore or the 
                  water temp changes and we pick up a 1 knot current north.
         06:00lcl Arrive Miami Government Cut
12/18/22 16:30lcl Depart Palm Beach for Marathon
                  Winds:15g20 from the North making 6 knots wing and wing
         21:00lcl Winds 10g13 from the north making 4 knots wing and wing        

12/16/22 16:45 local anchor at Palm Beach Florida 12/16/22 0500 depart Ft. Pierce
    wind 160@11g15 seas 3-4 feet swells from NNE  72deg overcast 2996 
    wing and wing the whole way 4-6 knots  Lots of dolphins near Palm Beach
    1645 anchored at Palm Beach 26,45.870 x 80, 02.6132
    115 gal water 170L fuel

Dec 11 1608 departed St. Augustine for Ft. Pierce
       1745 3.5 kt
Dec 12 0252  29,30.10x80,58.25 146deg 3kt
       0554  29,23.06x80,53.61 150 3kt
       1704  rounding Cape Canaveral winds 20k 343 partly cloudy 
               heading 195 6.5kts
Dec 12 20:00 reefed 25knots from NE making 8kts
Dec 13 10:am  arrived Ft. Pierce anchored 30 min before a storm

11/30-12/4 2022 at anchor St. Augustine
11/29/22 0700-1900
Anchor up, was wrapped around an old mast and it took us 20 min to free it. Motoring to St. Augustine due to no wind SOG~6knots
Anchored St. Augustine 1900 29,53.8870 x 81,18.3535 Eng + 11 hours Gen 865.6 +39.818 fuel Gen 100% Eng 175Liters Water 195 Gal +120 added
11/28/22 07:30 30,40.3565x81,28.0585 2996 65deg clear skies at anchor G856.8 Water 0 gal Fuel G 7/8 M 70% 140Liters Baking Bread
11/27/22 11:35
leaving St. Mary's Ga for Cumberland Island, 13:49 arrived and anchored. Engine shutoff fell off so safety wired it back in place. Island docks were closed due to storm damage. 15:-04 went on to Fernandion Beach. Wind 20knots 83 deg and sunny.
16:37 anchored Fernandion Beach Fl. 30,40.3565x81,28.0585 Wind 251@8 2990 72 deg claer skys GenFuel 7/8 added 10Gal. G 854.3 M +2 hours M Fuel 3/4
11/26/22 17:21
Bara 30.00 71deg wind calm, overcast with light rain Gen 848.7 Water 100Gal Genfuel 70%
11/24/22 0730
St. Mary's River Anchorage Baro 30.05 68 deg Gen 838.8 Fuel 75% Water 125g EngFuel 160liters
11/23/22 0800
St. Mary's Anchorage Baro 30.10 64deg overcast Gen 831.5 At Anchor
11/22/22 1920
30 43.0475N x 81 33.1515W St. Mary's river anchorage 67 deg with calm winds
11/22/22 14:09
30 43.182N x 81 19.109W 6-8 foot seas confused wind 03@23kt Baro 30.10 and falling 64deg overcast light rain and mist. Gen 823.1 Steering won't let me turn more than 8 deg to port.
31 45.121N 80 50.608W wind 030 at 19g25 confused seas 6-8 foot swells 7 knots SOG
22:30 31 55.692N x 80 37.501W SOG 7.2 wind 043 at 17g20 Baro 30.25 temp62 partly cloudy following seas 4-6 feet. 14 miles off Hilton Head
0730 30.03 N32 45.288 W79 54.692 Gen 812.1 Charleston harbor 57deg steering stiff water 170 fuel G7u/8 M185liters
0900 wind 234 at 12g17 Baro 3002 temp in the 50's overcast N32,45.274xW79,54.714
put up sails at 3am and headed toward Charleston. Winds 10-15kt off the starboard beam. Arrived at the inlet with Calista at 5-6 knots temp in the 60's. It is a relief after the 38-45 deg nights.
Arrived vacinity of Charleston and the wind slacked and shifted off our stern. In the evening we couldn't make Charleston so I headed up to the commercial anchorage and heaved to. Didn't want to make Charleston in the dark against the tide.
Seas and wind picked up 20g30 with 8-10 foot swells and 4-5 foot waves out of the north west. Arrived Frying Pan Shoals around 1400 and turned toward Georgetown. temp lower 50's After passing the shoals seas reduced to 5 foot swells. Wind 20kts under reef making 7-9 knots
6am left anchorage for Beaufort. Motored 3 hours and arrived in Taylors creek. Departed offshort on a beam reach at 1600 10g15 out of the northwest
Tuesday 15 Nov 2022
Left Blackbeards at 11am and motored to Adams creek with a headwind arriving about 15:30. Baro 30.0. Overcast with light rain. Wind 20g25 with 2 foot waves on the Neuse. Winds out of the East Southeast. 2200rpm motor doing great. made about 5-5.5 knots SOG the whole way. Knot log not working autopilot not working. Burned about 15L fuel.
Saturday 29 Oct 2022 We left Blackbeards for a day sail on the Neuse River at about 11am and returned to the marina at 3:30pm after a short race. Wind was 10g20 out of the south west with scattered rain showers and temprature in the 70's
Saturday 22 Oct 2022 Left blackbeards for a day sail on the Neuse River at about 3pm and finished tying up again around 7pm. Wind was 5-10 knots from the North East. We had guests who helped us sail. Backing in the boat to a T dock with the wind blowing us away from the dock and another boat behind us was a bit of a trick. We got the stern close to the dock and then used the dock lines to pull the boat back along the dock instead of trying to parallel park in reverse.
Sunday 16 Oct 2022 Left Clubfoot creek at 11:30 and sailed about 1/2 way to New Bern with 5-10 knots of wind out of the north east. After the wind died we motored on to Blackbeards and tied up on the end of A dock because C dock had a large Cat on it. No waves, 75 deg and clear skys. It was a wonderful sail. We arrived at around 17:30. There was no power at the dock so we are running the generator a couple hours a day.
Fri 23 Sep 2022 Left Taylor's creek at 11:30 and motored back to Mathews point arriving 17:30. Winds were strong out of the north 15g28, clear skies and temp running in the 70's. We made an average of 4 knots. We went by the Town creek this time. It's pretty twisty and narrow but well marked. the tachometer is acting intermittently.
Wed 21 Sep 2022 Left Cape lookout and motored back to Beaufort. Departed at 1500 and arrived at 19:30. Seas were 1-2 feet and wind was 10g15 out of the East. Skies were clear Barometer was 30.15, Temp 85.
Mon 19 Sep 2022 Motored out Beaufort inlet and sailed to Cape lookout. Left about 13:00 and anchored at about 1800. Winds were out of the south south west at 10g14. We averaged 5 knots with a peak of 7.2. Temp was 81. Barometer was 30.10. We had partly cloudy skys with scattered thundershowers. Seas were 2-3 feet. The anchorage is quiet with 3 other sailboats anchored with us. In the anchorage waves are completely calm. The coastguard is on station in the middle of the anchorage. The bottom holds well and we used the Bruce with 75 feet of chain in 25 feet of water.
Tues 13 Sep 2022 Motored from Mathews Point to Beaufort NC. Left at 1200 and arrived at 1700ish. Temp was 85 deg winds South East at 10-15. Barometer 2982 No water or fuel in the bilge. All is well. Anchored near marker 7 in Taylor Creek with the Bruce anchor.
Wednesday 31 August 2022 Test sail from Oriental to Mathews Point marina plus sailing back and fourth in between. Depart at 13:30 arrive 19:15. Temprature 88 deg Winds South West at 10 Gust 17, Skies partly cloudy. Waves 1-2 feet. The last portion we motored into the creek and the hose from the raw water pump to the heat exchanger blew. We put about 50 galons of water in the bilge and I could only run the engine at 1800 rpm to avoid overheating. At Mathews Point the depth was about 4 1/2 -5 feet and we were pushing mud. We ran the engine for 35 minutes and the generator for 1 hour. Arrived safe to all our friends on the dock.
Thursday 29 April December 2022 Wow did we forget how to sail? It's been a long winter but this afternnoon we took the boat from Mathew's Point to Zimmerman's yacht service near oriental. We left around noon and arrived a little after 4pm after playing around in the Neuse river for a bit. The day was cool in the mid 70's with a 12-17 knot wind out of the north west. Skies were clar and the water was calm with only an occational white cap. There was a bit of a quartering swell from the stern making the boat rock a bit. Liliah was hiding as we motored to the Ship yard. Upon arriving I had to make two passes to get into the slip between two other boats. All is well. Thank heavens for a bow thruster. Once again we used a lot of battery getting here.
Sunday 12 December 2021 This afternoon we went out at 12:10 and returned at 18:00 just after dark. Winds were 10-15 out of the north and there was a light chop on the water. Barometer was 30.26 and skies were clear. We stayed in the Neuse river within a few miles of home. Mostly we wanted to test the head sail and see if the roller furling was working correctly. We also wanted to test the new anti-siphon for the motor and the exhaust drain which worked perfectly. The Engine got to 3k rpm under load and seems to be running great. I'm still noticing a tap tap on #3 but it's not bad. The transmission is still not holding in forward like I would want. I need to adjust the throw on the shifter. I think it's a problem in the pedestal. On our return to the slip the wind was blowing us sidewise in the dock and it two us two tries to get into the slip. During that time the bow thrusters ran out of power. That was kinda scary. I'm not sure why they are not charging when the engine is running. I'll have to work on that before we go out again.
Thursday 11 November 2021 This afternoon we went for a nice 4 1/2 hour day sail on the Neuse river. Temprature was 68. Winds were 4 knots out of the North and water was calm. The barameter was 30.1. We left the slip without incident slowly and had no problems running aground. Lowest depth was 5.3 feet but didn't seem to run aground anywhere. Once we were passed the second green bouy depths remained 10 feet or more. We returned around sunset.
Sunday 17 October 2021 We departed the anchorage at 0715 and motored most of the way to the marina. When we hit the Neuse river we sailed the rest of the way to the inlet where Matthews point is and then at 15:30 when we were trying to put up the Genoa it continued to get stuck. It took us nearly 30 minutes of frustration to get the sail in. I'm not sailing again till I get it figured out. Andy, Bob and Buck helped us get docked after dragging the bottom 3 times getting to the slip. by 17:30 we turned off the motor and finished tieing up.
Saturday 16 October 2021 This morning we departed Lutz creek anchorage about 8am and motored all the way through the aligator river to Deep point just beyond the aligator river pungo river canal. We anchored about 18:02. By 1900 the storm came in and the wind picked up to 25 knots. The anchorage is 10 feet and fairly open so it's rocking pretty good right now. Two of the boats that were with us on the journey also anchored just before the storm. This is mile marker 102 on the inter coastal.
Friday 15 October 2021 We departed Cheasapeak and the great bridge at 7:15 only to find the next bridge didn't open till 9:30 This one rotated. Then on the second bridge the boat in front of us, Carousel hit at 63ft 3 inches. They were doing some construction and there was a cable below top. We made it through with a couple feet to spare according to one of the workers. At the next bridge they decided to wait at the marina being a little gun shy. We continued on to anchor at Lutz creek. Mile marker 59 on the ICW.
Thursday 14 October 2021 This morning we left Hospital point 8:15am an motored to the Great Bridge in Cheasapeak Virgina. At 9:15 we were at the Gilmartin bridge and they opened it at 9:50. We made it through the locks and under our first 65 foot bridge which was terrifying. We tied up around 12:30 so we can be up early tomorrow morning.
Wednesday 13 Cotober 2021 There was thick fog this morning in Severn Creek so we got a late start for Norfolk at about 9am. As we headed out of the Bay it started raining and misting and the fog came back so off into the thick fog we went heading south east. The seas were 1-2 feet and winds were less than 10 knots. We motored all the way. We stopped for fuel, water, and pumpout at Salt Pond Marina just north of the entrance to Norfolk. Then on to mile 0 of the ICW in Norfolk at Hospital Point where we anchored about 1800.
Tuesday 12 October 2021
Departed Mill Creek at 9am enroute to Norfolk. We motored out into the Bay and turned south west into a following sea and hoisted the sails. This was the first time that we put up all the canvas even the Mizzen. We sailed for about 5 hours before dropping the sails and motoring. One again there was a small craft advisory. Winds were 15-20 out of the North East. At one point we did try wing on wing but the winds were shifty and we couldn't maintain the Genoa so after about 30 minutes at 5.5 knots we gave up and headed for Mob Jack Bay. We anchored in Severn Creek at 1800. While trying to find the best spot to anchor we ran aground. We backed up and tried again. After setting the anchor I felt the boat not moving correctly and once again we were aground. The bottom is very uneven. It says 10-13 feet both on the charts and on the depth guage but then it changes rapidly. Finally we managed to anchor in 13 feet and hold. waves were 2-3 feet, sky was low overcast with light misty rain most of the day. Temprature was 71. Barometer is 29.97.
Monday 11 October 2021
This morning we left about 1100 enroute to Mill Creek just south of the Potomac river. We arrived about 1800 Wind was 18-20 out of the North West, temprature was 73 and waves were 3-5 feet with whitecaps. The sky was mostly cloudy. We opted to motor as on our last sail as we had trouble furling the genoa and with the seas as choppy as they were we were concerned that we wouldn't be able to do it again. We saw several sailboats with 1 reef in and 1 with 2 reefs in. There was a small craft advisory. Grace performed well in the confused following seas and was relatively dry, all considered. We noted the dinghy was too close for such seas. While anchoring the brake was made too loose and the shoe slipped out. We let out over 100 feet of chain so I'm pretty sure we're going to hold well in this little river. It was a fun exciting day. Sunday 10 October 2021
At 11:00 we went for a sail out into the Chesapeak bay for a few hours. seas were 1-2 feet with a few white caps. Winds are 15-18 out of the south east and the temp is about 75. Barometer is 29.95, the skies are mostly cloudy with occational rain. We hit 8.4 knots on a reach and ran a steady 7 knots at any point of wind. We are back at anchor and the winds are strong in the anchorage. I hope the anchor holds. We came back at about 15:30. We had to try 2 times to anchor.
Friday 8 October 2021
At 7am we weighed anchor and headed south to Solomons Island where we stayed at anchor almost 20 years ago. Melodi was born here in Lenardtown. About half way there I decided (strange urge) to look at the engine under the floor and found the seal for the hot water tank blown. Water was spraying everywhere. So I turned off the water pump and wiped the water off the ceiling and the counters and floor. We had lost about 5 gallons. When we arrived in Solomons Island we tried three times to anchor but it kept dragging so we gave up and got a slip and of course they said I had to back in so in I went very slow and controlled but I must say I love a bow thruster. We shut the engine off about 16:30. It was a long beautiful day. Wind was dead calm. Once in a while a puff out of the south west. Barometer 30.01 temp 75.
Thursday 7 October 2021
Today we left on our trip south. We departed the dock at Pasadena at 12:30 and went to Magothy marina to top off fuel and water. Then we departed and headed into the Chesapeak bay and headed south to Rhode river just south of Thomas point where we anchored at 17:20. Skies were partly cloudy with winds out of the south south west at 5-10. Seas were calm temprature 78 deg. Barometer 30.02. This is a pleasent anchorage at Rhode River Bite. There is a little rocking due to the wakes but not bad. The depth is 10 feet.
Sunday 3 October 2021
We went out agian today at 14:15 and returned at 18:30 right before dark. Sam cast us off and I backed her slowly out of the slip and we worked our way south out of Blackhole Creek. We headed south under power toward the red marker at the center of the Magothy and put of the sails just as we hit the marker. We turned east into a SE wind and sailed into the deep water. We didn't have to tack and kept the same point of sail all the way out. It was a nice warm day in the high 70's and there were no waves to speak of. When we got into the shipping channel we did a little experimenting and made a few loops and then headed home. As the evening cooled the winds calmed down and we were only making about 4-5 knots. We docked smoothly this time and were pleased with our day.
Saturday 2 October 2021
Today we went for a test sail. Winds were out of the West about 12-14, temprature was 76 and skies were clear. We left at about 1400 and came back at about 18:30. First we sailed south for 2 hours then came back home and worked on backing up and docking for about 30 min. Our top speed was about 7.4. She loves to go when you get the sails right and jumps right up nimbly. Hannah did most of the steering and Sam and I worked the sails. The seas were calm with about 1 foot waves. We had a wonderful time. Our host came with us and helped us learn the boat a little more. They are absolutely wonderful folks. We hope to maintain a long term friendship with them.
Tuesday 28 September 2021 Finished the work on the transmission at Gibson Island Yesterday and put her in the water. After sleeping the night we planned on leaving about noon. As we were moving from the dock I shifted into reverse and it made a terrible knocking sound. So we gently pulled her back in the dock and went to get a mechanic. We were terribly worried that a new transmission was bad. What we found out was that the shifter was not aligned correctly and it was not completely holding in reverse. The mechanic had to move the shift cable to a shorter hole closer lower down the lever. Now it's working great. It took about 2 hours and we left around 15:30 Eastern time. We motored to the previous owner's dock in blackhole creek. It's a tight anchorage and a very narrow approach but the depth is good at about 9-10 feet in the middle. We made two circles and brought her in to the dock. I must say I love having a bow thruster. This was our first trip alone on the boat. We are still learning but we made it to the dock at about 16:30. The winds were 20 out of the East with a light chop on the water. After entering the creek the winds died down to about 5. Skies were partly cloudy with occational light drizzle. Temp was about 79.

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